Vegan Cheese & Dips

Vegan cheese is becoming more and more popular. It’s not only great for vegans, but also for those with dietary restrictions. We currently offer vegan cheese from two exciting new companies. VegNature from Quebec City, Quebec and Main Vegan Deli from Glencoe, Ontario. Both of these companies impress not only vegans, but everyone. VegNature is a delicious goat cheese style with 6 different flavours. Main Vegan offers 10+ different varieties of cheese, including Chedd-aah, Pepper Jak and Cream Bree. (We also carry Main Vegan’s Meats!)

We like to make sure everyone can dip!  That’s why we not only carry our own Specialty Vegan Dips, but also the smooth, creamy and addictive Queso from Main Vegan Deli.

Stop by today for all your Vegan favourites!